Listed on the NJ Register of Historic Places, this home was in need of refurbishing and I was asked to start with the foyer. As required by the state regulations for “4-Century Historically Preserved Homes,” none of the interior architectural elements were removed. Starting at the ceiling, decorative “faux-bois” painting simulates rich wood grain on the coffered ceiling.  The fireplace facade was redressed with a bronze and brown metallic paint on the brick surround and mantle, lifting the richness of the overall look. Respecting the original design elements, the gold paint was re-painted with a fresh coat.  Durable and warm looking, the woven sisal-like carpeting was custom sized to follow the exact footprint of the room.  The fussy and overdone drapery treatments, dated and dingy, made way to an opening up to the front vestibule and outdoors. Now, the original leaded glass windows are revealed as are the two corinthian style fluted columns, showcasing the natural beauty of the original architecture showing that ”less can be more”! The drapery fabric, embroidered linen in soft taupe, brown, yellow, and maize complements and contrasts beautifully with the walls. The simple but elegant glass drapery rod finials mimic the window panes.   The original chandelier, long gone, is replaced with a style and period appropriate globe lantern illuminating light over the nutmeg hand painted porcelain jars and vases.   Art and accessories are purposely an eclectic mix of periods to create an approachable and current style in the room.

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